About Us

We are family-owned and operated beekeepers, located in Palmerston North and specialise in export quality, 100% natural, raw New Zealand honey.

"Just as nature intended"

This quote embodies our approach. We are extremely passionate about our bee's, the honey they produce and it is our mission to bring you the highest quality New Zealand honey that is produced and packed right here, in the Manawatu.



With hives in key locations across the Manawatu region, we collect honey with unique, distinct flavours from pastural and native bush flowers including Manuka and Rewarewa. We produce raw, unprocessed honey that is a highly concentrated source of valuable vitamins, minerals and natural sugars. (Refer to our nutritional panel for specific information).

Care for our bee's and their environment means continuously improving what we do and we are always working hard to bring you the purest, best tasting New Zealand honey. 



Bush Honey - not too sweet, caramel-flavoured honey that is best used on toast or as a marinade when cooking.

Rewarewa Honey - a full-bodies but not overly strong honey, best used in smoothies, in a salad dressing or perhaps as a drizzle on your favourite pancake recipe with the bonus of having antioxidant properties.

Manuka Honey - a rich floral, earthy taste that is best used as a spread, in yoghurt or as an accompaniment to lemon in warm water for health benefits. A favourite over the years for helping with the common cold as also has antioxidant properties.





As both a company and family, we believe it is everyone's responsibility to have a focus on environmental sustainability. We ensure our environment is given the respect it needs by managing every step of the harvesting process, from carrying the hives into beautiful New Zealand bush right through to the point of sale by delivering the final product to our very happy customers all of which is in packaging that is BPA-free. This way, we can be sure our product is of the highest quality and being produced ethically - something we are proud to put our name on.


Quality Control

  • Registered honey exporter.
  • Risk Management Plan (RMP) certified by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries.
  • All of our products are independently tested by an accredited New Zealand laboratory.