We are proud to be a small family business and want to do our best to positively impact our community and build long-lasting, successful relationships. Community to us is not just about where we are located but also our lifestyle, our interests, our heritage and our education.


Even though we come from different walks of life (from small town New Zealand to big city London in the UK), we know what it is like to come from families that have struggled financially. We want to educate everyone on bees and to make honey available to everyone as the affordable luxury it should be.



As part of our work, we actively work with Awapuni and Somerset Schools - teaching the children there the benefits of honey as well as the processes and work that goes into procuring it. These visits include discussing bees and some honey tasting. The children ask loads of questions and we went have even had visits where we are left with amazing artwork like this which we have framed for our office!